We provide meals, computers, and educational support to K-12 students via our Remote Learning Site.

Creating Success Education Center Remote Learning Site

We have spaces available at our remote learning site for K-12 students. 

Activities include learning coding fundamentals, outdoor play in our community garden, and a 'walking classroom' that combines listening with exercise. 

Register now or check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

The site will be open through the last day of school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child be doing during the day?

Your student will be engaged in their online school programming and other educational extracurricular activities.

Will my child receive academic support/tutoring?

Yes! Our primary goal is to ensure that students’ work is completed in a high-quality manner. We are here to help your child succeed academically. It is our goal that all homework will be completed while at CSEC. When students complete their academic work they will have the opportunity to participate in other activities.

What extracurricular activities are available?

The following activities are available: • Code Combat - students will learn how to code using python and javascript) • Code.org - students will learn computer science fundamentals) • The Walking Classroom – students take 20 minute walks outside while listening to a student-friendly educational podcast. Each podcast includes a health literacy message, character value, and ageappropriate educational content. • Outdoor classroom and community garden - students can enjoy outdoor play in our outdoor learning environment • Xbox gaming station – at the end of the day students can enjoy 30 minutes of game time at our Xbox game station

Does my child have to stay all day?

No, your child can be dropped off at any time during the day and picked up at any time. The $10 fee applies regardless of how long the student is on site.

My child does not have to log into virtual programming for school everyday. Can he/she attend? What will he/she do during this time?

If your child does not have to log onto a virtual class they are still welcome to attend. The student will be engaged in educational programming or can get additional tutoring/academic support, if needed.

Are cell phones allowed?

Each student will be assigned a “cubby” basket to hold personal items. Students will not be permitted to use their cell phone on a regular basis during the day. Phones can be briefly accessed during lunch and the end of the program day.

Are meals provided?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided. You are welcome to bring additional items to eat. Please make sure all meals are labeled with your student’s name.

Are computers provided?

Yes! We have computers and headphones available on site.


Mobile Lab bus-01.png

With our mobile learning lab, families, youth of all ages, and adults will have access to computer skills training, workforce development, coding and more, right from the parking lot of popular and accessible community locations.


STEAM DREAMS is a program that allows youth to explore their imaginations and creativity to make their dreams become a reality through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

We provide an in-school coding program for elementary students. Thus far we have educated 262 students. We have served 4th and 5th grade students within five schools in Warren and Vance County.