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Chalis Sledge Henderson


Chalis is a native of Warrenton, NC and has always had a heart for community service and students. She graduated from Warren County High School in 2007 and pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  As a highly involved student leader, she accomplished much success at UNCC.  After graduating Cum Laude from UNCC, she studied Student Affairs Administration and received her Master of Arts degree in May, 2013 from Michigan State University.  While at MSU, she travelled to Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy where she studied Dimensions of Cultural Leadership with Loyola University Chicago.   


In 2011, she founded the Chalis D. Sledge Scholarship Foundation and has awarded $20,000 in scholarships to students who engage in service to their community, church, and institution of higher learning.  It is her goal to provide full scholarships to students one day!


Chalis is also the Founder of the Redefine Philanthropy campaign, a social campaign with a vision to change the face of philanthropy.  The mission of the campaign is to inspire and empower individual and family philanthropy. Learn more at

As Executive Director of Turning Point Community Development Corporation, her goal is to see this organization become a hub of resources that challenges our community to grow and reach its maximum potential. One of her favorite quotes is “no one reaches low standards”.  She hopes to continue to be a motivating force in the community and provide support to those who wish to reach their highest potential.

Contact Chalis at

For more information on the Chalis Sledge Henderson Scholarship foundation, click here!



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