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The Summer Learning Program is fun and educational — integrating reading, science, technology, art, and math in an interdisciplinary approach to combat summer learning loss.

Creating Success Education Center
Summer Learning Programs

We use innovative learning strategies to maintain student engagement and to develop a true love for learning and exploration. Our primary strategy is integrating project-based learning into our curriculum. We believe students learn best when they are active participants in the lessons. Students in our SLP learn by doing, creating, tinkering, practicing, and presenting. We couple hands-on experiences with literature, field trips, and program partners to bring learning to life. Each week there is a different camp theme that exposes students to new ideas and topics. There is a weekly field trip or experience that directly aligns to the camp theme. The students participate in daily activities and lessons to stretch their imaginations while developing their academic skills as we seek to prepare them for the upcoming school year.  We are not only focused on the academic success of the students, but the physical and social success as well. Each day students are served nutritious meals and snacks and physical activity is integrated with the planned activities.  Students build community with each other, develop interpersonal relationships, and increase confidence over the course of the SLP.

Summer Learning Program Staff


Catherine Sledge


Marquis Henderson
Group Leader

Chalis Henderson.jpg

Chalis Henderson
Program Coordinator

Washington D.C. Trip - Summer 2023

Mission Possible Performance - Summer 2023

Ultimate Superstar Performance - July 15, 2022

  • What will my child be doing during the day?
    Your student will be engaged in hands-on learning activities focusing on the weekly camp theme!
  • Are meals provided?
    Yes! Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided. You are welcome to bring additional items to eat. Please make sure all meals are labeled with your student’s name.
  • Are computers provided?
    Yes! We have computers and headphones available on site.
  • Are cell phones allowed?
    Each student will be assigned a “cubby” basket to hold personal items. Students will not be permitted to use their cell phone on a regular basis during the day. Phones can be briefly accessed during lunch and the end of the program day.
  • Are field trips included?
    Yes. Each camp has a field trip included. The trip is included with the weekly fee, but parents/caregivers are encouraged to send money for the gift shop. We will send out communication about each week's field trip in advance to families.
  • Does my child have to attend every week of camp?
    No. You can attend however many weeks of camp that you choose. You will be able to select each of the camps you would like your student to attend upon registration. Each camp is $15 per week, per student.
  • When is payment due?
    All payment is due by June 1 to keep your registration spot. Due to limited space and high demand, you will lose your registration spot if we do not receive payment by June 1.
  • How can I pay?
    We have a few options! You can pay online at the time of registration by following the steps on the form and providing payment info. You can also pay in-person via check, card, or cash by visiting Creating Success Education Center by June 1.
  • What are your camp policies?
    Please see below for our comprehensive list of policies. You will be asked to agree to abide by these policies upon registration. Drop-off policy: Drop-off begins at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast is served upon arrival. Late pickup policy: Students must be picked up by 5:15 p.m. each day. A fee of $5 for each 15 minutes will be assessed for late pick-up, per child. For example: If a student is picked-up between 5:16-5:30 p.m. a $5 fee/child will be charged. Discipline Policy: The philosophy of the program is based on mutual respect being shown for all participants. We relate to children on an individual basis. Rules and expectations will be made known to all children upon entry into the program. Should a discipline problem arise the following steps will be taken: • The child will be spoken to in hopes that discussion and redirecting the child to another activity is all that is required to correct the problem. A warning will also be given. • If the discussion and redirection does not seem to help, the child will be put in “reflection time” for a short period. • If “reflection time” does not improve the child’s behavior, the child will be removed from the group and taken to the director’s office. A documentation of the child’s behavior (Bad Sports Report) will be made at that time. • Should the behavior problem continue, the parent or guardian and the director will meet to discuss corrective procedures. Should this process prove unsuccessful and behavior problems are not corrected, the child may be suspended or dismissed from the program. Reflection Time: Reflection time is the removal of a child for a short period of time (1 minute for every year of the child’s age) from a situation in which the child is misbehaving and has not responded to other discipline techniques. The “reflection” is located away from the group activity, but within the counselor’s sight. During “reflection” the child has a chance to think about the misbehavior which led to his or her removal from the group. After a brief interval, the counselor discusses the incident and appropriate behavior with the child. When the child returns to the group, the incident is over and the child is treated with the same affection and respect shown to other children. COVID rules and regulations: Masks are mandatory indoors and must be worn throughout the day. We will allow mask breaks outside! Dress Attire: Students are encouraged to dress comfortably. Please no flip flops or sandals. Students must wear their SLP t-shirt on all field trip days. (This shirt will be given to them at the beginning of camp) Cancellation Policy: All payments must be made by June 1 to keep your registration spot. If you do not complete payment by June 1, your spot may be opened up to another student on the waitlist. Text Policy: We ask that you check your texts throughout the week that your child is at camp. We send important reminders and announcements via text throughout the summer. Pleas notify us if your cell phone number changes so we can update it in our system. We strive to answer all replies promptly. If you reply to a text message with a question, you should expect a response within 24 hours.
  • What are your COVID rules and regulations for camp?
    Masks are mandatory indoors and must be worn throughout the day. This includes students and staff. We will allow mask breaks outside!



STEAM DREAMS is a program that allows youth to explore their imaginations and creativity to make their dreams become a reality through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

We provide an in-school coding program for elementary students. Thus far we have educated 262 students. We have served 4th and 5th grade students within five schools in Warren and Vance County.


With our mobile learning lab, families, youth of all ages, and adults will have access to computer skills training, workforce development, coding and more, right from the parking lots of popular and accessible community locations.



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