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Our mission is to develop and sustain programs that equip individuals with skills to navigate corporate and organizational environments, and to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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The Launchpad Program was developed in 2020 with a mission to equip youth and adults with the skills and experience to thrive in the current workforce.

We provide ongoing skills-based training and professional development opportunities and partner with local organizations and businesses to serve as job-placement sites.

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“The Launchpad Program inspired me to become a better person and leader — both inside and outside of a work setting.”                   

                                                                                            Launchpad participant 

The Launchpad Program taught me that leadership comes in many different forms."


                                                                                             Launchpad participant 


I really enjoyed connecting with people from different professional settings and backgrounds." 

                                                                                             Launchpad participant 

What I enjoyed most was learning a variety of different skills to take into the workplace. Some included formal presentations, social skills, professionalism, teamwork, mental health, and much more!"

Launchpad Participant


"I would 100% do the Launchpad Program again next year!"

Launchpad Participant

Launchpad Cohort 2023


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