Our mission is to build experiences that mobilize and inspire all of us to develop a stronger community. Turning Point CDC works closely with Oasis of Hope Ministries, along with community leaders and members, to identify and research critical needs and develop targeted programs that empower volunteers to address those needs.

10th Annual Community Day Infograph
10th Annual Community Day Infograph

Community Day 2018
Community Day 2018

10th Annual Community Day Infograph
10th Annual Community Day Infograph


Annual Community Day

We hold our Annual Community Day in partnership with Oasis of Hope Ministries on the first Saturday in August, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Community Day is a special opportunity for residents to come together for fun and fellowship, and to support local businesses. Participants enjoy activities such as zumba and standup comedy, and can access health and educational resources. During past events, children have received free gifts including bike helmets and school supplies.


Due to Covid-19, we did not hold an Annual Community Day in 2020, but plan to resume in 2021. If you're interested in being a vendor at a future event, get in touch.

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Got time and energy to spare? There are many ways to engage with the community through Turning Point CDC.

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