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Our Creating Success Education Center serves children, families and the community in an inclusive setting that encourages academic success, creativity, innovation, and community engagement. 

We provide meals, computers, and educational support to K-12 students.

Creating Success After School

Our After School Program is offered for K-12 students. 

We provide snack and dinner, tutoring/academic support, homework assistance, enrichment, field trips, recreation, STEAM, and fun! 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

Please see the links below to register for the 2022-23 school year and pay tuition. 

"This program has proven to be caring, trustworthy and safe. You can tell the leaders have a true passion for what they do. They have changed my children’s view of education. It is now fun for them. Interaction with this program has left my children encouraged, hopeful and untroubled. I’m always anxiously awaiting for opportunities for my children to participate in. I look forward to working with them more. I’m so grateful for the program."

Creating Success After School Parent

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Student Forms
(Creating Success Education Center)

Please see below for required forms needed for CSEC students. This includes participation in Creating Success After School and our Summer Learning Programs.

Forms include:

  • Off-Premise Activity Authorization

  • Blanket Permission for Routine Transportation

  • Emergency Contact Form

  • Children's Medical Report Form


Students who attended Creating Success After School in Fall 2021 on a regular basis had an average growth of:

  • 89 points in language arts

  • 109 points in math

  • 115 points in reading 


Below are the number of skills mastered in math and reading by grade level in our Summer Learning Program 2021:

  • K - 9 skills in math, 4 skills in reading (4 students) 

  • 1st - 13 skills in math, 14 skills in reading (6 students)

  • 3rd - 19 skills in math, 31 skills in reading (4 students)

  • 5th - 33 skills in math, 26 skills in reading (3 students) 

  • 6th - 4 skills in math, 3 skills in reading (2 students)

Throughout the six-week summer program, we saw:

  • a 7% increase for grade-level proficiency in math

  • an average growth of 3 points in scores in reading


At the start of the program we had 7% of students meeting and 57% of students approaching grade-level proficiency in reading. At the end of the program we had 14% of students exceeding, 36% of students meeting, and 29% of students approaching their upcoming grade-level proficiency. 

When surveyed, 100% of parents felt their child(ren) are academically ready to return to school because of their involvement in the Summer Learning Program.

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Creating Success After School Policies

Late Pick-up Policy:

Students must be picked up by 5:30 p.m. 

A fee of $5 for each 15 minutes will be assessed for late pick-up, per child.

For example: If a student is picked-up between 5:31-5:45 p.m. a $5 fee/child will be charged.

School Pick-up Policy:

Please communicate with the CSEC staff if your student DOES NOT need to be picked up from school. 

A $5 trip fee will be assessed if we arrive at your student's school and are informed by a teacher that the student is not there. 

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to communicate with the CSEC staff in a timely manner. 



The Summer Learning Program is fun and educational — integrating reading, science, technology, art, and math in an interdisciplinary approach to combat summer learning loss.

IMG_4625 2 (1).HEIC

With our mobile learning lab, families, youth of all ages, and adults will have access to computer skills training, workforce development, coding and more, right from the parking lot of popular and accessible community locations.


STEAM DREAMS is a program that allows youth to explore their imaginations and creativity to make their dreams become a reality through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

We provide an in-school coding program for elementary students. Thus far we have educated 262 students. We have served 4th and 5th grade students within five schools in Warren and Vance County.



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