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Alvin & Catherine Sledge 


God had His hand upon Apostle Alvin Sledge at a very early age in life.  He spoke at the age of 10 years that he wanted to be a preacher.  God heard his request and ordered the steps as then Rev. Alvin Sledge preached his trial sermon entitled, "I Must See Jesus" May of 1980.  By his side on that day that he was set apart for the Gospel was his partner who has been ever present with him, his soul mate and best friend, Catherine Green Sledge, whom he married December 25, 1976.  The couple are the proud parents of three beautiful and supportive daughters:  Chandra (Michael Mathias), Casha (Derek Dees) and Chalis (Braxton Henderson) and grandparents to Dylan and Chance Dees, Silas Henderson, and Jesse Mathias. On January 13, 1985 God ordained him and it is true that all things work together for the good to those who love the Lord and to those who are called and this manifested itself as Pastors Alvin and Catherine Sledge and their daughters became the founding family of Oasis of Hope Ministries on January 3, 2001.  Apostle declares that we do "Ministry With Purpose" and he has a teaching anointing upon his life.   Transformation of souls through the taught word of Jesus Christ, added believers to the Kingdom, beautification of our church building, ministries operating in the Spirit of Excellence and a desire for many others to grasp hold of not letting go of "I Must See Jesus" are at the forefront of the ministry's future goals.  Alvin Sledge passed away on May 10, 2019. 

Pastor Catherine Sledge was brought up in two worlds of worship which shaped her early impressions of God.  She accepted Jesus Christ at an early age and is very proud of opportunities to serve in ministry with her husband, Apostle Alvin Sledge.  She loves being a mother and grandmother.  "When God allowed me to come into this world, I believe He put EXTRA love in me for children.  I think I have a magnet or radar inside of me that draws me to children."  She faithfully serves with joy at Oasis of Hope Ministries and motivates the "Women of Purpose" and Women's Christian Education students to "live with purpose".  Worshipping and praising God must be "FUN" and meaningful  daily and that is what is taught and demonstrated at Oasis. Because Oasis is a teaching ministry, people get a clear understanding of what God requires.  Faith comes by hearing the word of God and that is Pastor Catherine's desire that people come and be teachable by HEARING the word of God and go out and live daily with Jesus as their guide.

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