Our Mission

To provide teachers with the resources to answer the question, "Wouldn't It Be Cool If...?"

Our Goals

To support teachers in obtaining the resources necessary to implement projects that will support student learning through standards based project-based learning.

Who We Are

Dr. Sledge Mathias is the Founding Principal of XQ Super School, Crosstown High, a project-based high school in the Midtown neighborhood of Memphis, TN. Dr. Sledge Mathias is originally from Warrenton, NC, where she was principal from 2014-2017 of Warren New Tech High School, a project-based learning school and member of the New Tech Network. Prior to that role, she served in several educational leadership capacities in schools and educational organizations around the country. Regardless of the environment her work has been based on her commitment to provide all students with an educational experience that allows them to explore their passions and identify and work towards a pathway of post-secondary success.  


Dr. Sledge Mathias’ beliefs also drive her commitment to creating a culture of lifelong learning that is not only reflected in her work with students, but with her staff, as well. She believes that providing a world class experience for students requires that the educators and adults involved in the school community must have the capacity and subsequent support to best serve the students. One of her favorite texts is, If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Eat the Students. Her goal is to create and sustain thriving school cultures for all stakeholders.  


Dr. Sledge Mathias believes in cultivating global citizenship mindfulness in her students, and over the years has forged partnerships with schools in several countries, allowing teachers and students to collaborate with their peers around the globe. Through project-based learning and global education her students and staff have collaborated with peers in Denmark, Scotland, England, Ghana, Chile, and Costa Rica. These collaborative experiences have provided a rich environment, not limited to the physical structure of the school. The world becomes the classroom.


Dr. Sledge Mathias says “My desire is that students will not only discover who they are and what their passions are, but they will be able to develop their talents and utilize their skills to transform communities locally, nationally, and globally.  For me, postsecondary preparedness is a priority, but beyond that students must also be able to think critically in ways that haven’t been explored before. Today’s students will be required to provide solutions to problems that we don’t even know exist yet!  I’m excited to create a culture in which students have the freedom to explore possibilities in connection to the content that they are learning, and leave legacies of impact on their communities.”  


Dr. Sledge Mathias obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English, Secondary Education from North Carolina Central University, a Master of School Administration from North Carolina State University, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership: School Administration and Supervision from Loyola University Chicago.  She enjoys traveling and has a pretty adventurous spirit. She views the world as both our greatest playground and our greatest classroom. She, along with her husband Michael, and their French Bulldog, Kravitz Lenny, comprise "Team Mathias".

How You Can Help

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